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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: TON2009 Module Title: AUDIO LABORATORY
Module Provider: Music and Sound Recording Short Name: TON2009
Level: HE2 Module Co-ordinator: WALKER TS Mr (Music Record)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability

The module consists of nine experimental sessions arranged bi-weekly in both Semesters. The duration of each session is four hours. Private work will be required each week to complete the written reports detailed below, to read any reference material relating to the tests, and to keep your lab book up to date. Most of the experiments also include preparation material that you are expected to have read prior to starting the experiment.

Assessment Pattern

Assessment is primarily based on formal written reports from Experiments 2 and 6. These reports should be submitted within two weeks of the completion of each experiment.

In addition, during every experimental session you will be expected to show your laboratory notes from a previous experiment. The final assessment mark will be reduced by 2% each time you fail to present the notes without an acceptable reason. If your notes for a previous experiment are assessed by the supervisor as incomplete or if they include inaccurate data or presentational mistakes or omissions, the final mark will be reduced by 1%. Moreover, your performance during each examination sessions will be monitored and if it is assessed as unsatisfactory, the final mark may be reduced by 1%.


As this course consists solely of practical laboratory experiments, at which attendance is compulsory, the final assessment mark will be reduced by 3 marks for every session that is missed without an acceptable reason. Your mark will be reduced by 1 mark if you arrive late or leave early. It is your responsibility to make sure that you sign the attendance form if you are present at the session, and to provide suitable evidence if you are absent due to medical reasons.


Module Overview
Module Aims

To provide you with a solid grounding in audio test and measurement techniques.



Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the module you should be able to:

·        operate a range of audio test and measurement equipment

·        perform a selection of electrical, acoustical, electromagnetic and digital audio tests, the detailed objectives of which are described in the Laboratory Handbook

·        report concisely the results of those tests in both verbal and written form

Module Content

The module consists of a number of experiments, as detailed in the Laboratory Handbook.  These cover the topics of tape machine alignment; cassette machine tests; acoustic noise measurement; reverberation time measurement; microphone response tests; digital audio tests; spectral analysis and mixing console measurement.

Methods of Teaching/Learning

The experiments are described in detail in the Laboratory Handbook, and you will be expected to work through them in small groups, co-operating as a team.  The Laboratory supervisor will spend time with each group during the lab sessions, discussing the work and providing advice if required.  The module tutor will provide assistance on practical matters. You must attend every experimental session.  It is not possible to complete the experiments satisfactorily unless you arrive on time and work until the end.



You should keep a lab book or file with notes and results of your experiments, in order that the work can be discussed with the supervisor.  As indicated below, only Experiments 2 and 6 are to be written up as formal reports, but results and techniques for the remaining experiments should be noted in your records in a form which would allow them to be understood by a third party.


Selected Texts/Journals

Borwick, John, 1996: Sound Recording Practice (Oxford: Oxford University Press).

Rumsey, Francis and McCormick, Tim, 2006: Sound and Recording: An Introduction. ( London : Focal Press).

Everest, F. Alton, 2001: Master Handbook of Acoustics ( London : McGraw-Hill).

Watkinson, John, 2004: The Art of Digital Audio ( Oxford : Focal Press).



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