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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: TON2006 Module Title: PERFORMANCE 2B
Module Provider: Music and Sound Recording Short Name: MU2.PERF(B)
Level: HE2 Module Co-ordinator: WILLIAMSON C Mr (Music Record)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability

Running all year

Assessment Pattern

Coursework: (50% of the assessment)


·         Participation in ensemble music making (40%)


·         Reflective diary. A comprehensive listing of all performances done during the year, and written reflection on the work of the year. You will be informed of the deadline during the course of the module. (1,000 words) (10%)



Examination: (50% of the assessment)


A solo performance of not less than 10 minutes duration at a performance seminar during the  final part of the 2nd semester. Choice of repertoire to be agreed with the Module Convenor and instrumental tutor. (50%)

Criteria of Assessment for Level HE2 Performance Modules




Performance at level HE2 equates to an ability to show the potential to sustain a semi-professional performing career.  At this level, at least half of the following qualities should be exhibited:



Solo performance



  • fluency and control of expression


  • communication of your awareness of the music’s structure and idiom


  • appropriate consideration of historical performance issues


  • technical control


  • accuracy


  • sound quality and tone projection


  • commitment to both the music performed and to the act and manner of performance


  • establishing a rapport with the audience.



Ensemble performance – in addition to the above criteria, the following also apply:



  • effectiveness of your role within chamber and orchestral contexts


  • punctuality, reliability and professionalism in all rehearsal situations.



A mark above 70% (first class pass) will normally be awarded for a performance which displays a high level of competence in a majority of the qualities listed.  Marks in excess of 80% are awarded only to performances which display excellence in all the qualities listed.



A mark in the range 60-69% (upper second class) will normally be awarded for a performance which meets most of the qualities listed, with a high standard in many of these.



A mark of 50-59% (lower second class) will normally be awarded for a performance which meets two or more of the qualities listed to a high standard and some others to a lower standard.



A mark of 40-49% (third class pass) will normally be awarded for a performance which displays some of the qualities listed, but at a low level.



A mark of 35-39% will normally be awarded for a performance which significantly fails to display most of the qualities listed.



A mark below 35% will normally be awarded for a performance which fails to display some of the qualities listed.



Module Overview

Pass in Level HE1 Performance, and the permission of the Programme Director

Module Aims

To enable you to develop your instrumental/vocal expertise in a variety of contexts appropriate to this level.

Learning Outcomes
By the end of this module you should be able to:
  • show enhanced instrumental/vocal ability and confidence as a solo performer and in ensembles
  • satisfy the Criteria of Assessment for Level HE2 Performance Modules
  • show the benefits of further experience in solo and ensemble performance
  • display enhanced independence of learning
  • make evident your experience of various aspects of concert-giving such as rehearsal liaison and concert presentation.
Module Content

Individual and/or group tuition in musical performance.





Methods of Teaching/Learning
  • Regular lessons with your individual performance teacher
  • Appearances as soloist and/or ensemble performer, in departmental recitals
  • For instrumentalists and singers, participation in orchestras, choirs or ensembles
  • For pianists, accompanying a share of rehearsals of the University Choir, and participation in the Croser-Hughes Award
  • Tutorials with the Module Convenor
  • Attendance and participation in designated Performance Seminars.
Selected Texts/Journals
Williamom, Aaron, 2004: Musical Excellence: Strategies and techniques to enhance performance (Oxford: Oxford University Press)
Lawson, Colin, and Stowell, Robin, 1999: The Historical Performance of Music: An Introduction (Cambridge: Cambridge University Press)

Gordon, Stewart, 2006: Mastering the Art of Performance: A Primer for Musicians (Oxford: Oxford University Press)

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