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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: SOCP001 Module Title: PROFESSIONAL PLACEMENT
Module Provider: Sociology Short Name: SOCP001
Level: P Module Co-ordinator: EARTHY SM Dr (Sociology)
Number of credits: 120 Number of ECTS credits: 60
Module Availability
Assessment Pattern

The PTY comprises three assessed modules:

    Level P Credits



·             VisitingTutors’ Assessments              25 credits


·             WorkplaceSupervisor’s Evaluation      45 credits


·             ProfessionalandPersonal Development                         


-Student’sOral Presentation  10 credits


-Student’s Placement Report 40 credits


Total  120


Module Overview

The professional placement year (Level P) constitutes the third year of the four-year undergraduate degree programme.  A student will require at least 75 credits at Level 2 in order to proceed to Level P.  Please note: the Professional Placement year (Level P) is compulsory for BSc Sociology and Social Research Students. 


A student will require at least 75 credits at Level 2 in order to proceed to Level P. 
Module Aims

For the Student


·         To acquire, develop and apply new skills appropriate to the professional setting in which they are working.


·         To apply knowledge and skills acquired in the academic setting to the practical demands of the employing organisation.


·         To develop and utilise appropriate interpersonal skills in the organisation setting.


·         To develop and refine the communication skills required of a person working in a professional capacity.


For the Department


·         To provide students with the opportunity to apply their knowledge and skills as an employee in a professional capacity. 


·         To promote Departmental links with industry, commerce and professional bodies


·         To keep abreast of developments in the behavioural sciences as applied in a 'real world' setting


·         To make graduates more attractive to employers and enhance their employment prospects


·         To produce a more rounded and mature graduate


For the Employer


·         To employ (for a limited period), an intelligent and committed individual who will contribute to the effectiveness of the organisation.


·         To participate in a professionally-oriented education scheme at university level.


·         To contribute to undergraduate learning so as to produce graduates with the knowledge and skills which are of value to the employer.


·         To enhance the links between University and employers to the potential benefit of both.


Learning Outcomes
Module Content

The social sciences offer a wide range of placement possibilities.  Whatever your chosen placement, the University requires that it conform to the following broad outline:


Timing: The period during which students must undertake their professional year is from completion of their examinations at the end of Level 2 (June), to immediately prior to commencing their final year (October the following year).


Duration: During this l5 month period, the normal university requirement is that students will undertake 46 weeks (excluding holidays) of employment in a relevant professional placement.


Methods of Teaching/Learning
Selected Texts/Journals
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