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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Psychology Short Name: PS.M35
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: GOZNA LF Dr (Psychology)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability

Autumn semester 10 weeks

Assessment Pattern

Units of Assessment  
Percentage Weighting  
Essay (3000 words)  
Expert report (3500 words)

Module Overview


Module Aims

This module aims to provide students with advanced knowledge and understanding of methods and practice in psychological applications to processes in the justice system in accordance with the requirements of the Division of Forensic Psychology of the British Psychological Society accreditation criteria that are pre-requisite for Chartered status.

Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of the module, you will be able to:
•    be trained in the informed and systematic application of the research-practitioner model involving the critical reading of research, an appreciation of research methods both qualitative and quantitative, in applying psychology to the investigative process.
•    be knowledgeable about the major theoretical formulations and models applicable to the investigative process such as offender behaviour in order to provide a conceptual underpinning to inform their approach to theory and practice.
•    have developed interpersonal, technical and creative skills required for the effective analysis and formulation of problems connected to the investigative process and evaluation of domain relevant interventions.
•    have created a theoretical and a practice based assessment to prepare students to make the transition to supervised practice.
•    be able to self-reflect in support of personal and professional development and ethical conduct with respect to conducting research and behaviour towards colleagues and client groups.
Module Content

Contributions will be given by members of the course team and external professionals working in the area of criminal investigations and related practice.  The following topic areas will be covered during the semester.

Overview of module and assessments
The investigative process: Considerations for forensic psychologists
Policing and models of major crime investigation
Police interviews with suspects
Assessing verbal credibility in police interactions
The role of the Tactical Interview Manager in police interviewing
Arson investigation
Psychological autopsy in equivocal death investigation
Behavioural Investigative Advice in practice
Linking offences: Workshop on serial sexual offending
NB:    This content is subject to minor fluctuation due to availability of external speakers

Methods of Teaching/Learning

Lectures and seminars

Selected Texts/Journals
These are some relevant texts although you are recommended to seek out relevant journal articles as appropriate and also other books in the field.  Due to the diverse nature of this topic area, there is no particular recommended text.

Milne, R. & Bull, R. (1999). Investigative Interviewing. Chichester: Wiley.
Canter, D. & Alison, L. (eds.) (1999). Interviewing and Deception. Aldershot: Ashgate.
Ainsworth, P. B. (2004). Offender Profiling and Crime Analysis. Cullompton: Willan Publishing.
Memon, A., Vrij, A., & Bull, R. (2003). Psychology and Law: Truthfulness, Accuracy and Credibility.  Chichester: Wiley.

Ainsworth, P. (1995). Psychology and Policing in a Changing World.  Chichester: Wiley.
Holmes, S. T. & Holmes, R. M. (2002). Sex Crimes: Patterns and Behavior. London: Sage Publications.
Jackson, J. & Bekerian, D. A. (eds.). Offender Profiling: Theory, Research and Practice. Chichester: Wiley.
Gudjonsson, G. H. (2003). The Psychology of Interrogations and Confessions: A Handbook.  Chichester: Wiley.
Vrij, A. (2000). Detecting Lies and Deceit: The Psychology of Lying and the Implications for Professional Practice.  Chichester: Wiley.
Last Updated
9th August 2010