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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Psychology Short Name: PS.M11
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: FIFE-SCHAW CR Prof (Psychology)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability

Spring semester

Assessment Pattern

Units of Assessment
Percentage Weighting
One hour, unseen paper
Practical Report   
Report of Computer Analyses   

Module Overview

Undergraduate level statistics, preparatory suggested reading.

Module Aims
This module aims to provide students with an understanding of the philosophy underlying psychological research using covariance structure modelling techniques.
Learning Outcomes
Upon successful completion of themodule, you will be able to:
  • to critically assess research using covariance structure models in the psychological literature.
  • apply causal modelling techniques to real data set and be able to interpret output from these analyses in a sophisticated and reflective manner.
Module Content

Week 1 Introduction to model testing and model comparison. Model implications vs. observations.
Week 2 Specifying measurement models and confirmatory factor analysis. LISREL demonstration.
Week 3 Estimation methods. Estimation problems. Assessing model ‘fit’. Model modification.
Week 4 Alternative fit indices. Running a full CFA job in LISREL
Week 5 Short answer test. Practical problem solving.
Week 6 Structural model specification. The full LISREL model. Practical work.
Week 7 Types of structural model. Recursive and non-recursive models. Practical work.
Week 8 Data preparation using PRELIS. Practical work.
Week 9 Other applications: Modelling group means. Multi-group applications. Practical work.
Week 10 Limitations in SEM. Recent debates and issues on SEMNET. Help with project problems.

Methods of Teaching/Learning
Combination of lectures and computer-based exercises.
Selected Texts/Journals

Essential Reading

You should read the introductory sections of one of the following prior to Week 1.

Ullman, J.B. (2007). Structural Equation Modelling. In Tabachnik, B.G. & Fidell, L.S. Using Multivariate Statistics (5th ed). Pearson Education Inc., Boston..

Maruyama, G.M. (1997). Basics of Structural Equation Modeling. Thousand Oaks, CA : Sage Publications

You should download a free 'student' copy of LISEREL from

Recommended Reading

SEMNET ( contains answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and details of how to join its e-mail based discussion group.

Hayduk, L.A. (1987) Structural Equation Modeling with LISREL: Essentials and Advances. Baltimore; Johns Hopkins University Press.

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4th August 2010