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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Psychology Short Name: PS.330
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: SHEPPERD D Mr (Psychology)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability
Runs in semester one.
Assessment Pattern
1) Extended case study of one conflict situation (3000) [50%];
2) One-hour exam [50%]
Module Overview
All Level 2 Psychology modules.
Module Aims
This course will examine how social psychological analyses of group conflict (both social cognitive and discursive/rhetorical approaches) can be applied to real situations of prejudice, oppression and violence. Students will be encouraged to engage with political, historical and psychological literature.
Learning Outcomes
Students will have an understanding of both social cognitive and rhetorical/discursive approaches to the study of group conflict. They will appreciate the importance of considering historical, political and ideological factors along with psychological insights when understanding real conflict situations. Students will be expected to develop an in-depth understanding of at least one conflict situation and be able to critically apply research findings to this situation.
Module Content
Topics covered include:
Stereotypes, prejudice, tyranny, dehumanisation, the language of hatred, group/social identities, collective action and mobilization, propaganda, conflict reduction/resolution.
Methods of Teaching/Learning
Combination of lectures, seminars, class-room exercises and presentations.
Selected Texts/Journals

Brown,R., & Gaertner,S. (eds) (2001), The Blackwell Handbook of Social Psychology: Intergroup Processes. Blackwell: Oxford University Press. 
Bulmer, M & Solomos, J. (1999) Racism.
Milgram, S. (1974) Obedience to Authority.
Stangor, C. (2000). Stereotypes and Prejudice: key readings
Wetherell, M. & Potter, J. (1992) Mapping the Language of Racism.

Other weekly readings will be provided throughout the course. 

Political Psychology; British Journal of Social Psychology;
Discourse and Society; Personality and Social Psychology Review

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