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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: PSY2001 Module Title: BIOLOGICAL BASES OF PSYCHOLOGY 2
Module Provider: Psychology Short Name: PS.201 (BIO)
Level: HE2 Module Co-ordinator: SEISS E Dr (Psychology)
Number of credits: 20 Number of ECTS credits: 10
Module Availability

Autumn and Spring semesters

Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)
1 coursework essay (1200 words)
1 examination
Qualifying Condition(s)
Successful completion of all Level 1 core Psychology modules.

Module Overview

All other Level 2 Psychology modules are co-requisites.

Module Aims

This course aims to build on the general introduction to Biological Bases of Psychology given in year 1 by addressing more specific topics.  By the end of the course students will have an appreciation of the many ways in which biopsychological research contributes to our human cognition and behaviour.

Learning Outcomes

Module Content

After an introduction to the course and the mind-brain relationship, the lectures in semester 1 will be dedicated to the interaction of brain function and human behaviour across the lifespan. The role of the peripheral and autonomous nervous system as well as the influence of hormones on behaviour, performance and cognition will follow. Finally we will study psychopharmacologically active substances.

In semester 2, the course will start with sensory processing then explore the effect of bran lesions on human cognirion and behaviour. The next lectures will concentrate on the biological bases of sleep, motvation (e.g. hunger, thirst) adn emotion. Finally the function of complex networks of brain areas will be examined using the example of motor control and sensorimotor integration.

Methods of Teaching/Learning

Lectures and independent student reading.

Selected Texts/Journals

Bear, M.F., Connors, B.W.and Paradiso, M.A. (2006) Neuroscience. 3rd edn. Lippincott, Williams and Wilkins. 
Kalat,J.W. (2009). Biological Psychology. (10th ed). Belmont, C.A., Wadsworth.
Pinel, J.P.J. (2008) Biopsychology. 7th edn. Allyn and Bacon.
Toates, F.(2006). Biological Psychology. 2nd edn. Longman.

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