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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: NURM017 Module Title: INNOVATION AND LEARNING
Module Provider: Health & Social Care Short Name: INN+LEARN
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: COWARD M Miss (HSC)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability
Semester 2
Assessment Pattern
The assessment for the module takes the form of an exploration of the potential for the use of action research within your area of practice. You should consider reflexive approaches and how you would utilize these to undertake an enquiry.

The word limit is 3,500 words.
Module Overview
Module Aims
• provide participants with a stimulating and challenging learning experience through which to develop conceptual knowledge and understanding of experiential learning situated against a health and social care policy context of innovation and change
• develop the capacity and capability of participants to design, deliver and evaluate practice based educational provision within the context of service innovation and change for health and social care
• engage participants in scholarly enquiry to develop a critical understanding of learning contexts of practice based innovation and change
Learning Outcomes
The module provides opportunity for the learner to develop and demonstrate knowledge and understanding, skills and other attributes in the following areas and on completion of the module should be able to:-

Subject Knowledge and Understanding
• Demonstrate a conceptual understanding of approaches to action research in professional practice and learning and an ability to critique them
• Evaluate change methodology in relation to their own area of practice
• Critically reflect on their professional values, concerns, priorities and actions and to understand them in broader social, political and economic contexts

Cognitive Skills
• Analyse and evaluate the policy context of innovation and change with regard to development through evaluative processes
• Demonstrate critical reflexivity in order to enable a creative environment for development
• Understand the principles and practice of how to evaluate the outcomes of enquiry in light of relevant literature

Practical Skills
• Consider the use of a practitioner enquiry approach to investigate the learning context of innovation and change in their own practice setting
• Demonstrate an understanding of the use of narratives when using an inquiry approach to enhance practice
• Confidently be able to apply with critical understanding the various modes of educational enquiry to their own practice setting
• Demonstrate originality in the interpretation and application of knowledge and research in professional practice and learning

Key/Transferable Skills
• plan, implement and evaluate a practitioner enquiry
• produce a project report
• participate in the scholarship of teaching

Module Content
Please note what the module team has outlined below is an indication of what we might cover. As professionals working in practice settings you are likely to have some thoughts of your own as to what you want to learn about and we will do out best to accommodate your specific requests to help you meet the module learning outcomes.

Brief Indication of Content:

Health and social care policy:
innovation and change for client-centred services, lifelong and continuous learning, change and culture within the health and social care workforce, evidence-based practice

Learning context:
social action environments − domains of learning, networks of social relations, transition and change;
participatory practices − action research, practice development, reflective practice, social learning processes, reflexivity in learning and teaching

Experiential learning:
theoretical perspectives – critical cultural, situative, narrative, enquiry;
concepts – reflection, interference, participation, resistance, co-emergence

Practitioner enquiry:
problem / question, design and models, planning, implementation and evaluation, dissemination

Methods of Teaching/Learning
Taught 30 hours
Self directed study 60 hours
Practice Based Learning 60 hours
Selected Texts/Journals
Essential Text:
Bridges W 2003 Managing transitions: making the most of change 2nd ed London Nicholas Brealey (This book is available also as an e-link from the library catalogue. It explores transitions in the life course linked to change)

Carr W & Kemmis, 5 (1986) Becoming Critical: Education, Knowledge and Action Research, Lewes, The Falmer Press.
Coughlan D and Brannick T (2005) Doing Action Research in Your Own Organization(2nd Ed). Sage, London.
Green K (1999) Defining the Field of Literature in Action research: a personal approach. Educational Action Research 7(1): 105-123

McNiff J, Lomax P, Whitehead J 2003 You and Your Action Research Project (2nd edn) London, Routledge (This book is available also as an e-link from the library catalogue)

Moon J 2004 A handbook of reflective and experiential learning: theory and practice London, Routledge Falmer (This book is available also as an e-link from the library catalogue)

Recommended Text:
Carter , K. (1993) 'The Place of Story in the Study of Teaching and Teacher Education', Educational Researcher Vol 22. No. 1, pp. 5-12,18.

Evans K, Hodkinson P and Unwin L (eds) 2002 Working to learn: transforming learning in the workplace Kogan Page

McCormack B, Dewar B, Wright J et al 2006 A realist synthesis of evidence relating to practice development: final report to NHS Education for Scotland and NHS Quality Improvement Scotland NHS Quality Improvement Scotland;jsessionid=2BC4F9035A302D0760545B4C5CD78651?pContentID=3134&p_applic=CCC& (access 9 January 2007)

Wenger E, McDermott RA, Snyder N 2002 Cultivating Communities of Practice Cambridge, Cambridge University Press (This book is available also as an e-link from the library catalogue)

Background Reading:
Barrett C, Angel J, Gilbert M, Bouras C, Thompson K and Singleton E (2005) Systematic process for successful, sustainable practice development Practice Development in Health Care 4(1): 5-13

Den Hertog F, Goen M, Wechuizen R 2005 Mapping health care innovation: tracing walls and ceilings. Maastricht Economic Research Institute on Innovation and Technology (MERIT), University of Maastricht, MERIT Research Memorandum Series

Richardson B, Dahlgren MA, Higgs J 2004 Developing Practice Knowledge for Health Professionals Oxford: Butterworth Heineman

Stevenson C. (2005) Practical inquiry/theory in nursing Journal of Advanced Nursing 50(2): 196–203

Walsh K, McAlister M and Morgan A (2002) Using reflective processes to identify practice change issues in an aged care service Nurse Education in Practice 2(4):230-236

Educational Action Research:

Gonzalez et al (2004) Planning as action Research Educational Action Research 12(1): 59-76

Gransden B (2004) Reflections on teaching observations and the use of a personal development journal in medical teacher education Educational Action Research 12(1): 19-32

Gravett S (2004) Action Research and transformative learning in teaching development Educational Action Research 12(2): 259-272

Smith LM (2004) Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow: reflections on action research and qualitative enquiry Educational Action Research 12(2): 175-196

Action Research
Journal of Workplace Learning
Nurse Education Today
Nurse Education in Practice
Practice Development in Health and Social Care
Reflective Practice
Studies in the Education of Adults

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