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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: NUR3046 Module Title: HEALTH AND SOCIAL CARE
Module Provider: Health & Social Care Short Name: NUR3046
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: MACARTNEY DL Miss (HSC)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability
Semester 1
Assessment Pattern
Identify a current Health & Social Care policy (within 5 years) that has had an influence within your practice area/work environment. Discuss the relevant factors which led to the development of the policy. In addition, analyse the positive and negative factors which have influenced the implementation of the policy.

2500 words

1. The policy should be a current initiative within your organisation.

2. Demonstrate the factors influencing the development of the policy e.g. political, legislative, sociological and economic factors, the role of stakeholders.

3. You need to provide an analysis of the factors which have had a positive or negative impact on the implementation of the policy.

Module Overview
Module Aims
The aim of this module is enable the student to analyse the structure of health and social care services in order to understand the complexities of policy and the political processes in relation to the development and provision of health and social care.

It is intended that the student will develop a greater understanding of partnership working and developing communication links within the context of contemporary practice in the delivery of health and social care.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module the student should be able to:

Subject knowledge and understanding
• demonstrate knowledge of the social, political factors which influence patient/client care and their impact on health and social care resources
• analyse and evaluate service provision in relation to client need and policy requirements at local and national levels
• assess the resources needed for the implementation and evaluation of service developments at local and national levels and make appropriate recommendations
• discuss legal aspects of policy regulation
• demonstrate knowledge of the economics of health and social care

Cognitive skills
• demonstrate skills of analysis and evaluation in appraising the factors which influence contemporary health and social care policy issues
• engage effectively with the relevant agendas and develop appropriate strategies for practice development
• initiate and evaluate strategies designed to empower patients, clients and carers to influence and use available services
• discuss the complexity arising from legal and ethical dilemmas and their impact on decision making

Practical skills
• support and empower patients, clients and their carers to influence and use available services, information and skills to the full and to participate in decisions concerning their care
• identify and select from a range of health and social agencies those which will assist and improve the care of individuals, groups and communities
• stimulate an awareness of health and care needs and initiate and contribute to strategies designed to promote and improve health and prevent disease in individuals, groups and communities
• advise on the range of services available to assist with care; the services may be statutory, voluntary or private and at local, regional and national levels
• provide accurate health data to employing authorities and purchasers through health profiles in order to inform health policies and the provision of health care
• act independently within a multi-agency, multi-disciplinary context
• provide high quality client/patient care demonstrating professional judgement within acceptable ethical and legal parameters

Key / transferable skills
• demonstrate skills related to information and communication technology in the retrieval and presentation of data
• understand quality issues such as audit, benchmarking and clinical governance
Module Content

The content of this module enables the student to develop a conceptual understanding of health and social care policy and provision. It also allows for the exploration of current substantive issues in the field of health and social policy development and implementation and their impact on practice.

Process in practice, mixed economy, influences on policy ie history, ideology and economics.

Policy Delivery:
Interagency working and the strategies designed to promote and improve health and social care, prevent disease in individuals, groups and communities. Influencing factors in relation to the context of policy implementation and the legal aspects of policy development

Methods of Teaching/Learning
100 hours

Taught: 30 hours
Work-based learning: 30 hours
Self-directed learning: 40 hours
Selected Texts/Journals

• Ackers L, (1996) Social Policy for Nurses and the Caring Professions Open University Press, Buckingham

• Blakemore K (1998) Social Policy: An introduction Buckingham, OU Press

• Baker M, (2000) Making Sense of the NHS White Papers (2nd Ed) Oxford – Radcliffe Medical Press

• Buchanan B & Badham R (1999) Power Politics & Organisational Change London - Sage

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• DoH, (2000) The NHS Plan HSMO London

• DoH, (2001) The Essence of Care: Patient Focused Benchmarking for Health Care Practitioners HSMO London

• DoH, (2003) Liberating the Talents – Helping Primary Care Trusts and Nurses to Deliver The NHS Plan D.H London

• DoH, (2007) Our NHS our future: NHS next stage review – interim report

• DOH, (2008) Health and Social Care Act HSMO London

• Exworthy M, (1994) The contest for Control in Community Health Services Policy and Politics Vol. 22 No. 1 17-29

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• Greener I (2009) Health in the UK- understanding continuity and change, Policy Press, Bristol

• Hill M (1993) Understanding social policy 4th Ed Blackwell

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• Kemshall H, Littlechild R (eds.) (2000) User Involvement and Participation in Social Care Jessica Kingsley, London

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• Savage S, Atkinson R (2001) Public Policy under Blair Palgrave, Basingstoke

• Van Zwanenberg T, Harrison J 2000 Clinical Governance in Primary Care Radcliffe Medical Press, Oxford


This is reading that will inform the content. You should endeavour to read some of the following -


• Journal of Advanced Nursing
• Nursing Times
• Nursing Standard
• Professional Nurse
• Journal of Mental Health
• Community Care
• Child and Maternal Health
• Community Practitioner
• Journal of Community Nursing
• British Journal of Nursing Management
• British Journal of Learning Disability
• Health and Social Care in the Community
• Health Service Journal
• Evidence-based Nursing
• International Journal of Nursing Studies
• Evidence- Based Nursing
• Legal Action (monthly journal LAG)
• New Labour Journal (monthly)


• Centre for Innovation in Primary Care
• NHS Beacon Services
• University of Surrey
• Department of Health
• Nurse Prescribing
• Centre for Health Evidence
• National Centre for Reviews
and Dissemination
• HAD - Evidence Base 2000
• NELH Clinical Guidelines
• NELH library for Primary Care

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