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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: NUR3034 Module Title: WOMEN'S HEALTH & WELLBEING
Module Provider: Health & Social Care Short Name: WOMENSHEALTH
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: ROBINSON AE Mrs (HSC)
Number of credits: 20 Number of ECTS credits: 10
Module Availability
Semester 2
Assessment Pattern
Critically analyze an aspect of women’s health care from both a physical and psychological perspective

2500 words
Module Overview
Module Aims
Enable the practitioner to analyze some of the physiological and psychological changes which occur during the life span of most women.
Learning Outcomes
On completing this module the practitioner will be able to:

Subject Knowledge and Understanding

• analyze the changing patterns of fertility throughout a woman's lifespan and discuss the scientific basis of these changes
• evaluate the role of the relevant female health screening services available and the role they play in health promotion
• critically examine the use of contraceptive methods and debate the effect of
• analyze the contemporary issues affecting childbirth and some of the choices facing women today
• discuss issues of altered body image and sexuality surrounding female surgery and following delivery

Cognitive/intellectual skills

• analyse research relevant to sexual health and discuss how new information can be best disseminated to women
• analyse recent advances in caring for women during the reproductive life-span and discuss how they can best be introduced into the practice setting

Practical Skills

• explore ‘best practice’ options with women during their reproductive life-span, especially those experiencing physical and / or psychological stress
• support women experiencing dilemmas with regard to decision making and when examining options for their care
• provide research based information for women considering health screening
• provide all women accessing health care with contemporary knowledge and support, suggesting referral to other professionals as necessary

Key / Transferable Skills

• facilitate an environment of care which enables women to express their needs in a safe and non-judgemental environment
• work across professional boundaries to provide effective care for women in all care settings
• work in partnership with women and facilitate choice in care options
• use current research to analyze and debate contemporary issues affecting women’s health
• Implement and support best practice initiatives in the workplace

Module Content
Assisted Conception
Miscarriage and Early Pregnancy Problems
Breast and Ovarian Screening
Women and HIV
Common Gynaecological Problems
Female Continence Issues
Current Contraceptive Choices
Female Genital Mutilation
Violence towards Women
Termination of Pregnancy
Sexually Acquired Infection
Contemporary Issues in Childbearing
Young People and Sex
Cervical Screening
Menopause and HRT
Methods of Teaching/Learning
Taught 60 Hours
Work Based Learning 40 Hours
Self Directed Learning 100 Hours

Selected Texts/Journals
Students will be guided on relevant reading according to their chosen area of study. Recommended texts are as follows:

Adler, M.W., Cowan, F., French, P., Mitchell, H., Richens, J. (2005) Sexually Transmitted Infections, 5th Edition, BMJ Publishing, London.

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