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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: NUR3001 Module Title: RECOGNISING PRIOR LEARNING
Module Provider: Health & Social Care Short Name: APEL3
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: RHODES AK Mrs (HSC)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability
To be arranged with the module leader
Assessment Pattern
This module will be assessed through the completion of a Reflection on Practice. This reflective account should demonstrate the ability to critically analyse the complex nature of practice and a contemporary knowledge and understanding of theoretical/evidence-based approaches that impact on and support practice.

Word Count: 1,500 words (100%)
Module Overview
Module Aims
The aim of this module is to enable health care professionals to gain academic credit for learning that has occurred at work, through experience and/or prior study.
Learning Outcomes

On completion of the module, the student should be able to:

Subject knowledge and understanding
• Utilise a recognised model of reflection
• Demonstrate the ability to critically analyse principles and concepts of practice, utilising knowledge from different subject areas to review and evaluate practice

Cognitive skills
• Explore and reflect on their current practice and consider a range of strategies to develop and enhance practice
• Explore the contemporary nature of practice and analyse relevant literature that supports care delivery
• Develop problem solving and enquiry-based techniques through reflections on practice utilising relevant evidence

Practical skills
• Demonstrate personal and professional development through the reflective process
• Explore the needs of practice and engage with colleagues to target appropriate resources to enhance quality
• Participate in identifying needs and targeting resources
• Demonstrate leadership skills to show responsible and accountable practice

Key / transferable skills
• Effectively utilise learning resources to support lifelong learning
• Evaluate their own strengths and weaknesses and be a self-directed learner
• Further develop their communication skills to ensure effective interventions
• Develop a personal profile

Module Content
The module will broadly explore the following themes:

• What is evidence?
• Turning experience into practice
• Models of reflection
• Portfolio development
Methods of Teaching/Learning

This module is delivered through a blended approach of work-based learning, tutorial support, self-directed study and electronic platforms (ULearn/email).
Selected Texts/Journals
Essential Text and Recommended Text:
The student will be advised by the module leader and the specialist tutor of appropriate reading material to support the identified assignment topic.

Background Reading
Dawes M, Davies P, Gray A, Mant J, Seers K, Snowball R 2005 Evidence-Based Practice: A Primer for Health Care Professionals 2nd edn Churchill Livingstone Elsevier,Philadelphia

Hamer S, Collinson G 2005 Achieving Evidence-based Practice: A Handbook for Practitioners 2nd edn Balliere Tindall Elsevier, Philadelphia

Johns C, Freshwater D 1998 Transforming nursing through reflective practice Blackwell Science, Oxford

Price B 2003 Studying Nursing Using Problem-Based and Enquiry-Based Learning Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire

Rolfe G, Freshwater D, Jasper M 2001 Critical Reflection for Nursing: a user’s guide Palgrave Macmillan, Hampshire

Rose M, Best D 2005 Transforming Practice through Clinical Education, Professional Supervision and Mentoring Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, Philadelphia

Smith P, James T, Lorentzon M, Pope R 2004 Shaping the Facts: Evidence-based Nursing and Health Care Churchill Livingstone Elsevier, Philadelphia

The student will be advised by the module leader and the specialist tutor of appropriate reading material to support the identified assignment topic.

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29TH JULY 2010