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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: MUTM007 Module Title: ADVANCED PRACTICE
Module Provider: Guildford School of Acting Short Name: MUTM007
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: FENDER T Ms (GSA)
Number of credits: 45 Number of ECTS credits: 22.5
Module Availability

Summer Term

Assessment Pattern
Unit(s) of Assessment

Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)


Advanced Professional Development:
- Technical Skills - Singing & Dance
- Performance in Showcase 
(80% performance; 20% process)
- Personal Professional Development Plan (2,000 Words)





Advanced Contemporary Practice:
- Performance of original / adapted work
- Script / business plan / critical evaluation (5,000 Words)



Qualifying Condition(s)
A weighted aggregate mark of 50% is required to pass the module
Module Overview
The module is designed to ensure industry level musical theatre skills together with evidence of original practice and research on a collaborative project in musical theatre.
The module is in two parts:
Advanced Professional Development
Incorporating advanced singing and dancing assessments, rehearsal and   performance of a west-end industry showcase and the creation of a Professional Development Plan.
Advanced Contemporary Practice
Researched independent or group performance project incorporating original or adapted source material plus written portfolio containing script, business plan and independent critical evaluation of process and project.
Module Aims
• To thoroughly prepare the student for engagement in the professional performance industry
• To provide a an opportunity for successful presentation to the industry in a professional industry-attended showcase
• To enable students to research and create an original or adapted piece of contemporary performance
• To enable the student to strategise for and take responsibility for the pursuit and creation of artistic, creative and commercial opportunities.
• To stimulate constructive and critical reflection upon process and outcome
Learning Outcomes
• An understanding of processes of construction, structure and selection relating to performance.
• The ability to apply the critical understanding of technical skill and genre to the exploration or realisation of an existing or devised piece of  musical theatre
• A sound, tested working methodology which enables a professional, disciplined and creative working process and environment with and for those involved in the exploration or realisation
• A soundly-based, flexible approach to the interactive nature of learning through practice – the ability to select, reject and develop ideas in response to a group dynamic
• An ability to reflect critically and constructively upon process and outcome.
Module Content

The Advanced Practice module builds on all the previous programme learning outcomes, in order to ensure that the student achieves a professional level entry into the industry for which she has trained. 

The Advanced Professional Development element incorporates continuing singing and dancing classes in order to progress to industry standard.  Students will research, rehearse and perform in an industry showcase designed to introduce them to the profession at large.  It will be necessary to exhibit a clear awareness of casting potential, employability and suitability of chosen material, as well as to present a charismatic, confident, assured performance appropriate to the chosen scene.
Students will also be required to produce a Professional Development Plan, evidencing a considered and structured strategy for entry to the profession.  It should demonstrate a comprehensive theoretical knowledge of how to obtain employment and how to maintain employability. It should demonstrate an equally comprehensive knowledge of casting procedures and audition preparation and should also consider how to create employment opportunities either within the profession or a related field.

The Advanced Contemporary Practice element enables students to build on their proposal made at the end of term 2 by collaborating on an original or adapted piece of work suitable for performance in a fringe theatre context.  Students will be allotted time with a director, musical director and choreographer and will work in small groups to create, document, rehearse and eventually perform their work in a season of fringe theatre or cabaret.

Students will produce a critical evaluation of their process, practice, performances and progress during the project and will critically re-assess their work over the year.  This should be a rigorous and reflective account of the rehearsal and performance process, with detailed observations on content, context, concept, and performance methodologies.  It will analyse and critique the synthesis of research, rehearsal and performance results.

Methods of Teaching/Learning
Group and individual research projects
Group and individual rehearsals
Group and individual tutorials
Selected Texts/Journals
Bolton, Gillie, Reflective Practice (Paul Chapman Publishing, 2001)
Buzan, T & Buzan, B. The Mind Map Book (BBC Active, 2006)
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Marshall, Lorna The Body Speaks (London: Methuen 2002)
Preston-Dunlop, V, Look at Dances, (Verve 2000)
Riddle, Peter H. The American Musical — History & Development.
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Whitmore, J. Directing the Post Modern Theatre: Shaping Significance in Performance (Ann Arbour: University of Michigan Press, 1994)
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