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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Music and Sound Recording Short Name: MU2.APMH
Level: HE2 Module Co-ordinator: HUGHES TS Dr (Music Record)
Number of credits: 20 Number of ECTS credits: 10
Module Availability
Semester 1
Assessment Pattern

Units of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)
(100% of total assessment)
Qualifying Conditions
  • A portfolio of analytical assignments, including individual and group assignments, from throughout the term (30%)
  • A portfolio of compositional assignments, including individual and group assignments, from throughout the term (30%)
  • A final project combining analytical, compositional and written elements (40%)

Module Overview
Pass in Level HE1 Popular Music Harmony  
Module Aims
To instil the principles of advanced harmony relevant across a range of popular music genres.
Learning Outcomes
On completion of this module, you should be able to:
  • Create adequate pastiches of more advanced examples from the main styles of popular music in terms of harmony, texture and form;
  • Adequately incorporate more advanced harmonic, melodic, and formal elements of popular songs into different styles
  • Functionally analyse the harmony of any given example of music
  • Aurally recognize and identify primary and secondary musical characteristics of examples drawn from a range of popular music styles
Module Content
This module covers the main principles of popular music harmony, more complex and non-European harmonic configurations, and the ways in which harmony and melody are used within recursive musical structures across a wide range of different genres and musical activities. The module balances a combination of theoretical, musicological, and compositional work.
Methods of Teaching/Learning
20 one-hour lectures and supporting tutorials.
The lectures will include theoretical, historical, and practical demonstrations of harmonic theory. Students will be expected to complete weekly aural, written, and/or compositional tasks.
Selected Texts/Journals
Moore A, 2002: Rock: The Primary Text (Aldershot: Ashgate).
Starr L and Waterman C, 2003: American Popular Music: From Minstrelsy to MTV (Oxford).
Other reading will be indicated during the course of this module.
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