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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: School of Law Short Name: LAWM017
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: CLEARY AJ Miss (Schl of Law)
Number of credits: 30 Number of ECTS credits: 15
Module Availability

2nd Semester



Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment



Weighting towards Module Mark (%)














Module Overview

This course focuses on the most developed aspect of EU external relations law and policy, namely trade and international economics.  The objective of the course is to enable students to develop and deepen their knowledge of the substantive law of the European Union by providing a sound introduction to this area of considerable topical importance.  In particular, its exploration of the impact of the World Trade Organisation on EU external trade law and policy will encourage the development of a critical appreciation of the evolutionary nature of EU law and its relationship to international economic law.







Module Aims

The aim of the module will be to equip students with an overview of the multifaceted nature of this aspect of EU law, together with an understanding of how its rules operate.  It begins with an examination of the legal powers of the EU in the field of external trade and the legal framework in which it operates.  It then goes on to consider external trade measures in some detail, with particular focus on the EU’s development policy and trade, and the interrelationship between EU law and WTO law.  The policy implications of the emergence of the European Union as a major actor in international economic relations will also be consered in some detail.



Learning Outcomes

On successful completion of this module, students will be able to:



  • Identify the scope of the Common Commercial Policy and the impact of the WTO thereon


  • Identify the range of legal instruments available to implement external trade policy and the legal bases for their adoption


  • Understand the relationship between EU external trade policy and other areas of EU external relations policy


  • Demonstrate a sound understanding of the rules and principles pertaining to the Common Agricultural Policy and Development Policy and assess their impact on international trade


  • Appreciate the dynamic role of the European Court of Justice in all sectors studies and its relationship to developments within the World Trade Organisation Dispute Settlement System


  • Solve problems requiring knowledge and application of EU law to factual situations


Module Content

This course will be devoted to an in-depth study of the substantive rules with some consideration of the policy issues which underpin those rules.






Common Commercial Policy



·             EU Customs Union and customs law



·             Autonomous Policy and anti-dumping



·             Conventional Policy and bilateral and multilateral agreements



·             Issues of competence and the role of the judiciary



·             The WTO and Dispute Settlement procedures





Development Policy



·             General principles



·             Cotonou and Economic Partnership Agreements



·             The System of Generalised Preferences



·             The impact of the WTO and the Doha Round



Common Agricultural Policy



·             General principles



·             Common organisations



·             Structural policy and recent reform



·             International aspects: WTO and Doha



International Standards



·             WTO Agreement on Technical Barriers to trade



·             Codex Alimentarius



·             Implications for EU harmonisation



Methods of Teaching/Learning

8 x 3-hour seminars.  The seminars will be interactive and students will be expected to come prepared for the seminar and engage actively in discussions



Selected Texts/Journals

Essential reading



Eeckhout, P. External Relations of the EU: Legal and Constitutional Foundations (OUP, 2004)






Background reading



McGoldrick International Relations Law of the EU (Longman, 1997)



McMahon, M. Law of the Common Agricultural Policy (Pearson, 2000)



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Cardwell, M. European Model of Agriculture (OUP, 2004)



Eeckhout, P. The European Internal Market and International Trade: A Legal Analysis (OUP, 1994)



MacCleod, Hendry & Hyett The External Relations of the European Communities (OUP, 1996)



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Carmody, C. Remedies and the WTO Agreement (OUP, 2004)



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Common Market Law Review



European Law Review



European Public Law



European Law Journal



Modern Law Review



Journal of Common Market Studies



Law Quarterly Review



European Journal of International Law



Journal of World Trade





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