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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: LAW3034 Module Title: ENVIRONMENTAL LAW
Module Provider: School of Law Short Name: LAW331
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: MALCOLM RN Prof (Schl of Law)
Number of credits: 30 Number of ECTS credits: 15
Module Availability
Assessment Pattern
Unit(s) of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)
Qualifying Condition(s) 
Module Overview
The module aims to provide students with an understanding of the concepts and laws involved in the control of environmental pollution in the UK and the European Community with reference to international law.
Module Aims
Students address the following questions:
  • What is environmental law?
  • What are the values and principles of environmental law?
  • What are the relevant enforcement mechanisms?
  • What are the main concepts of areas such as waste, water and atmospheric pollution?
  • How does planning law and environmental impact assessment work?
Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of this module, students will understand:
  • The origins and principles underpinning European and UK policy and legislation;
  • The structure of the substantive environmental laws in the UK covering waste, water and atmospheric pollution;
  • Have an over-view of the ethical, philosophical, economic and political influences on the development of environmental law;
  • Appreciate the relationship between common law and regulatory law in protecting the environment;
  • Understand the legal controls in respect of the environmental media;
  • Place their knowledge in the wider context of other provisions for the protection of the environment in Europe and under International Law.
Module Content
  • Concept of the environment
  • Science, politics, economics and the environment
  • Sources of environmental law
  • Europe and the environment
  • The common law and the environment
  • Who’s who: the enforcement of environmental regulation
  • Planning law and environmental impact assessment
  • Water law
  • Integrated pollution control and air
  • Waste law
  • Waste management law and packaging;
  • Hazardous Substances
  • atmospheric pollution
Methods of Teaching/Learning
The teaching and learning methods consist of lectures and tutorials. The lectures will introduce the students to the subject areas and provide an over-view to enable students to understand the basic principles and underlying concepts. The tutorials will open out the subject, consider key principles and legislative provisions and provide the student with signposts to background and supplementary reading. During tutorials students will be expected to have researched topic areas and to apply that research to discuss given legal problems. Students will be expected to present logical arguments founded on legal authorities. Their ability to challenge the propositions of others and to respond to challenges to their own will be monitored and developed. The format of the tutorials will be the consideration of scenarios mirroring real life. 

The teaching and learning strategy is designed to stimulate private study using derivative and original sources, both paper based and electronic and to develop an understanding and critical awareness of the values, essential principles and underpinning philosophies of the law relating to the environment.
Selected Texts/Journals
General Reading:
Bell & McGillivray Environmental Law (Blackstone Publications) Hughes Environmental Law (Butterworths)
Malcolm Guidebook to Environmental Law (1994, Sweet & Maxwell)
Wolf ,White and Stanley ENVIRONMENTAL LAW, (2002, Cavendish)
Richard Burnett-Hall Environmental Law (1995, Sweet & Maxwell)
Franklin, Hawke and Lowe Pollution in the UK (1995, Sweet & Maxwell)
Garbutt Environmental Law: A Practical Handbook (Wiley)
Robinson and Dunkley Public Interest Perspectives in Environmental Law (Wiley)
Portwood Competition Law and the Environment (Cameron May)
Carter and Irvine Environmental Crime (Cameron May)
Symes Environmental Litigation (Cameron May)
Cameron, Demaret and Geradin (ed.) Trade and the Environment: the search for balance (Cameron May)
European Environmental Law:
Kiss and Shelton Manual of European Environmental Law (1993, Grotius Publications)
Handler (ed) Regulating the European Environment (1994, Wiley)
Kramer EC Treaty and Environmental Law (2nd edition, 1994, Sweet & Maxwell)
Kramer Focus on European Environmental Law (2nd edition, 1997, Sweet & Maxwell)
Salter European environmental law (2 Volumes) (1994, Graham Trotman)
O’Riordan and Cameron (ed.) Interpreting the Precautionary Principle(Cameron May)
Andreas R. Ziegler Trade and Environmental law in the European Community (1996, Clarendon Press)
Yearbook of European Law Vol. 14: 1994 (Clarendon Press 0-19-825782-1)
Sacha Prechal Directives in European Community law (1995 Clarendon Press)
International Environmental Law:
Birnie & Boyle International Law and the Environment
Common Law:
Pugh & Day Toxic Torts (1994, Cameron May) 
Pugh and Day Pollution and Personal Injury: Toxic Torts II (Cameron May)
Salmond & Heuston Law of Torts (1996, Sweet & Maxwell)
Noise Law:
Adams and McManus Noise and Noise Law: A Practical Approach (1994, Wiley)
Christopher Penn Noise Control (1995, Shaw & Sons)
Malcolm & Pointing The Law and Practice of Statutory Nuisance (2002, OUP)

Planning Law:
Banks Practical Planning: Appeals and Inquiries (1994, Longman) 
Brand Planning Law (1994, Longman)
Heap Heap: an outline of planning law (1996, Sweet & Maxwell)
Grant Permitted Development (1996, Sweet & Maxwell)
Pugh-Smith and Samuels Archaeology in Law (1996, Sweet & Maxwell)
Suddards and Hargreaves Listed Buildings (1995, Sweet & Maxwell)
Sheate Making an Impact: A Guide to EIA Law and Policy (Cameron May)
Waste Law:
Garbutt Waste Management Law (1995, Wiley)
Bates Waste Law (Sweet & Maxwell)
Uff, Garthwaite and Barber Construction law and the Environment (Wiley)
Wildlife and Nature Conservation:
Fry (ed.) A Manual of Nature Conservation Law, (1995, OUP)
Land and the Environment:
Tromans & Turrall-Clarke Contaminated Land (Sweet & Maxwell)
Deanesly, Papanicolaou and Turner Badlands: Essential Environmental Law for Property Professionals (Cameron May)
Access to Environmental Information:
Bakkenist Environmental Information (Cameron May)
Castle Integrated Pollution Control (Cameron May)
Water Law:
Howarth Water Pollution law (2002)
Journals and Encyclopaedia
Encyclopaedia of Environmental Law, (Sweet & Maxwell)
Croner "Environmental Management" (behind Issue desk)
Encyclopaedia of Food Law (Sweet & Maxwell)
Manual of European Environmental Law Haigh
ENDS Report (Environmental Data Services) (periodicals/chemical engineering section)
The Conveyancer (periodicals)
Journal of Environmental Law (OUP
Encyclopaedia of Planning Law (Sweet & Maxwell)
Encyclopaedia of Environmental Health Law (Sweet & Maxwell)
Yearbook of International Environmental Law (Annual Volumes) Ed. Handl (OUP)
Yearbook of European Law (Annual Volumes) (OUP)
Journal of Planning and Environmental Law (Sweet & Maxwell)
Water Law (Wiley)
Land Management and Environmental Law Reports (Wiley)
Environmental Law Reports (Sweet & Maxwell)
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