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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: KAT1001 Module Title: KATHAK
Module Provider: Dance,Film & Theatre Short Name: KATHAK01
Level: HE1 Module Co-ordinator: KHAYYAM A Ms (Dnc Flm Thtr)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability

Run once, throughout the year

Assessment Pattern
Components of Assessment
Percentage weighting
Practical examination
Class work
Module Overview
The module provides students with the opportunity to study technical and performance of Indian classical dance. 
Module Aims
  • To acquire a basic conceptual and embodied understanding of the dance genre.
  • To educate students in the fundamental technical principles of the dance genre.
Learning Outcomes
Knowledge and Understanding:
  • A physical and intellectual understanding through practice of the foundational technical and performance principles of the technique and performing style.
  • A working knowledge of the terminology used in class.
  • An awareness of the nature of class, and its function as preparation for performance and within the pedagogic tradition of a particular style.
  • Understanding, through practice, of the distinctiveness of specific techniques, styles and genres and versatility required to perform in these styles.
Cognitive/Intellectual Skills:
  • Ability to analyse and categorise the dance form within an appropriate and given framework.
  • Ability to embody the key postural and alignment principles of the technique.
  • Ability to apply physical and intellectual skills in the recreation of sequences in class.
  • Ability to apply understanding of principles to the development of technical skill.
Practical/Key Skills:
  • Ability to perform in a class situation.
  • Ability to demonstrate versatility and the characteristics of the technique.
  • Ability to work effectively as an individual learner in a large group setting.
  • Ability to evaluate one’s own performance and take responsibility for one’s own learning in the context of the tutored class.
  • Ability to perform unseen sequences.
Module Content
The module provides students with the opportunity to study technical and performance aspects of the dance genre in class.
The module draws on the theories and practice from the dance genre, as appropriate. At HE1 the emphasis is on the importance of embodying fundamental principles to provide a secure technical foundation for exploring expressive motion within the framework of technique class. Understanding and demonstration relate to the following generic dance and movement categories:
  • Secure body posture, alignment and placement.
  • Clarity of body action and awareness, isolation, co-ordination, articulation.
  • Ability to show dynamic qualities and precision.
  • Sensitivity in relationship to music, rhythmic, phrasing and structural elements.
  • Spatial relations – of the dancer’s own body and in space.
  • Accuracy, memory and expressive sensibility in performance of a prepared sequence and “unseen” sequence.
Methods of Teaching/Learning

Practical classes

Selected Texts/Journals
Required reading:
Ambrose, Kay and Gopal, Ram. Classical Dances and Costumes of . London : Adam and Charles Black, 1983.
Blakely, Paul. The Muscle Book.   Stafford : Bibliotek Books, 1999.
Craine, Debra and Mackrell, Judith. The Oxford Dictionary of Dance.  Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2000.
Franklin, Eric. Dynamic alignment through imagery.   Champaign : Human Kinetics, 1996.
Howse, Justin. Dance Technique and Injury Prevention.   London : A & C Black, 1992.
Jacob, Ellen. Dancing: A Guide for the Dancer You Can Be. Massachusetts : Addison-Wesley, 1981.
Koutedakis, Yannis and Sharp, Criag. The Fit and Healthier Dancer. Chichester : Wiley, 1999.
Suggested Reading :
Massey, Reginald and Jamela. The Dances of India: A General Survey and Dancer’s Guide.   London : Tricolour, 1989.
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