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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Language & Translation Studies Short Name: LIF110
Level: HE1 Module Co-ordinator: MARLEY D Dr (Lang & Trans)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability

Autumn and Spring Semesters

Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark( %)
Written assignment of 800 words, end of Semester 1
Portfolio of coursework
Two hour unseen examination, end of Semester 2
Qualifying Condition(s) 
A weighted aggregate of 40% is required to pass the module

Module Overview

This is a Level 1module for French. It is taught in the target language, over Autumn and Spring semesters, one contact hour per teaching week. Attendance is compulsory.


A level French or equivalent

Module Aims

This module aims to provide an introduction to contemporary French and Francophone societies, in part through the medium of contemporary French and Francophone fiction.

Learning Outcomes
 On successful completion of the module students:
  • will be able to follow and take notes from lectures delivered in French;
  • will have gained an understanding of how French culture and society have developed over the last half century, and how Francophone cultures and societies have developed around the world;
  • will be able to recognise and analyse some important issues in modern Francophone cultures and societies;
  • will have acquired the necessary skills to read and understand authentic source material on a variety of topics related to contemporary French and Francophone cultures and societies;
  • will have acquired basic and specialised vocabulary related to social and cultural issues;
  • will be able to follow, comment on and discuss a range of contemporary issues;
  • will have gained an understanding of the contemporary media in France and Francophone countries;
  • will be able to write critically on cultural and social issues in French.
Module Content
Lectures in French will cover a range of areas, typically to include the following:
Evolution de la culture et de la société française depuis la deuxième guerre mondiale (famille, éducation).
L’exception française et la production culturelle (modernisation, américanisation)
Les médias
Le théâtre 
La France multiculturelle
L’immigration moderne
La culture ‘beur’ et la production culturelle ‘beur’
Le monde francophone : évolution de cultures et sociétés francophones

Littérature et cinéma francophone

Methods of Teaching/Learning

One contact hour per teaching week in Autumn and Spring Semesters. Classes will include lectures and seminars; students are expected to read extensively outside classes in order to follow lectures and participate in seminars.

Selected Texts/Journals
Essential reading:
Begag, Azouz, 1986. Le Gone du Chaâba,  Paris: Seuil.
Guène, Faïza, 2005. Kiffe kiffe demain, Paris : Livre de Poche.
Yasmina Reza, 2002. « Art », Paris : Magnard.
Maryse Condé, 1999. Le cœur à rire et à pleurer, Paris : Pocket.
Recommended reading :
Ager, D. 1995. 'Francophonie' in the 1990s : problems and opportunities
Albert, C. 1999. Francophonie et identite"Ęs culturelles
Cook, M. and Davie, G. (eds), 1999. Modern France. Society in Transition
Freedman, J. & Tarr, C. 2000. Women, immigration and identities in France
Hargreaves, A. 1995.   Immigration and Identity in Beur Fiction 
Hargreaves, A. 1995. Immigration, ‘race’ and ethnicity in contemporary France
Hughes, A., Reader, K. 2002. Encyclopedia of Contemporary French Culture
Kidd, W., Reynolds, S. 2000. Contemporary French Cultural Studies
Tarr, C. 2005. Reframing difference: beur and banlieue filmmaking in France
Majumdar, M. 2002. Francophone Studies: the essential glossary
Background reading:
Armes, R. 2005. Postcolonial images : studies in North African film
Aub-Buscher, G. 2003. The Francophone Caribbean today : literature, language, culture
Benguigui, Y. 1997. Mémoires d’immigrés - l’héritage maghrébin
Bencheikh, S. 2003. Marianne et le prophète: l’islam dans la France laïque 
Blanc, N. 1997. France, terre d’asile - mythe ou réalité
Blowen, S., Demossier, M., Picard, J. (eds), 2000. Recollections of France
Bradby, D., Sparks, A. 1997. Mise en scène. French theatre now
Cook, M. (ed.) 1993. French Culture since 1945
Coq, G. 2003. Laïcité et République
Forsdick, C. & Murphy, D. 2003. Francophone postcolonial studies: a critical introduction
Hargreaves, A and M. McKinney 1997. Post-colonial cultures in France 
Khellil, M. 1991. L’intégration des Maghrébins en France
Silverman, M. 1992. Deconstructing the Nation (Routledge) 
Pontault, M. 2000. Femmes en francophonie
Salhi, K. 2003. Francophone post-colonial cultures : critical essays
Spaas, L. 2000. The francophone film : a struggle for identity
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15 December 2010