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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Language & Translation Studies Short Name: LIF111
Level: HE1 Module Co-ordinator: MARLEY D Dr (Lang & Trans)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability

Throughout the year

Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark( %)
Written assignment of 800 words, end of Semester 1
10 minute Group presentation, Semester 2
Two hour unseen examination, end of Semester 2
Qualifying Condition(s) 
A weighted aggregate of 40% is required to pass the module

Module Overview

This is a Level 1 module for French. It is taught in the target language, over Autumn and Spring semesters, one contact hour per teaching week. Attendance is compulsory.

A level French or equivalent
Module Aims

To introduce students to the study of French history and enable them to develop knowledge and understanding of the historical background which has shaped modern France and French-speaking cultures around the globe. To encourage independent study and research.

Learning Outcomes
On successful completion of the module, students will:
  • be able to follow lectures in French and take coherent notes;
  • have acquired a foundation of historical knowledge of the development of the French nation state and the French-speaking world;
  • be able to identify and analyse the significance of key events and key figures in the development of France and the Francophone world;
  •  have acquired the necessary skills to read, understand and interpret both historical texts and texts about history;
  • understand the relevance and value of the study of history within the study of modern languages;
  • be able to conduct independent research on given topics;
  • be able to express their views coherently in writing on matters relating to French history;Have developed communicative skills through group presentations and class discussions.
Module Content
An overview of the history of France since the time of the Roman Empire:
o        Gauls and Romans
o        The Middle Ages
o        The ancien régime
o        The French Revolution and Napoleonic period
o        Political instability of nineteenth century
o        The Third Republic
o        The First World War
o        The Second World War
o        France as a colonial power: first and second empire
o        The development of the Francophone world.
Methods of Teaching/Learning

One contact hour per teaching week in Autumn and Spring Semesters. Lectures will be in French, and students will have opportunities to participate in French. Tutorials will be arranged to guide and advise students on essay preparation and to provide feedback. Students are expected to read extensively outside contact hours.

Selected Texts/Journals
Recommended Reading:
Ager, D. ‘Francophonie’ in the 1990s. Problems and Opportunities, Clevedon: Multilingual Matters, 1996.
Doyle, W. The French Revolution: A Very Short Introduction, Oxford Paperbacks,
Jones, C. The Cambridge Illustrated History of France, CUP, 1999.
Julaud, J.-J., L’histoire de France pour les nuls, Editions First, 2004.
Julaud, J.-J., Les grandes dates de l’histoire de la France, Editions First, 2006.
Julaud, J.-J., Les petits et grands personnages de l’histoire, Editions First, 2007.
Kedward, Rod,   La Vie En Bleu: France and the French Since 1900, Penguin, 2006.
Labrune, Gérard, Toutain, Philippe, L'Histoire de France, Fernand Nathan, 2004
Price, R., A Concise History of France (2nd ed.), CUP, 2005.
Volkmann, J.-C., Généalogies des rois et chronologie de l’histoire de France, Gisserot, 2001.
Wright, G., France in Modern Times, WW Norton & Co, 2004.
Background reading:
Butterfield, H. A Short History of France from Early Times to 1972. Cambridge University Press, 1974.
Carpentier, J. and Lebrun, F., Histoire de France, Editions du Seuil, 1987.
Gorrara, Claire, France Since the Revolution: Texts and Contexts, Edward Arnold, 2003
Mettam, R. and Johnson, D. French History and Society: The Wars of Religion To the Fifth Republic. Methuen, 1974.
Miquel, P. Histoire de la France. Fayard, 1976
Petit Larousse de l'histoire de France, Larousse, 2006

Tombs, R.P. and I. Tombs, That Sweet Enemy: The British and the French from the Sun King to the Present, Heinemann, 2006.

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