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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Mechanical, Medical & Aero Engineering Short Name: SE0P01
Level: P Module Co-ordinator: PACKWOOD AR Dr (M, M & A Eng)
Number of credits: 120 Number of ECTS credits: 60
Module Availability
Assessment Pattern
Unit(s) of Assessment                                           Weighting towards Module Mark (%)
1) Visiting Tutor assessments (3)                            16.67
2) Written reports (4) and Presentation                    45.83
3) Employers assessment                                       37.5

Qualifying condition(s)
All units of assessment 1-3 above must be passed with an aggregate mark of 40% or above
Module Overview

This is a common module taken by MMA + Civ + Chem Eng + TE. It is entirely based in industry but monitored by a Visiting Tutor. 
Regulations for the year are approved by the University Professional Training & Careers Committee.

Completion of the progress requirements to level P.
Module Aims

To give students the opportunity to apply their academic knowledge to working in a professional environment in which theory, practice and human relationships all play a part.

Learning Outcomes

The intended outcomes are that by the end of the module, students will be able to:

Work independently in a professional environment. 
Receive information and instructions and translate these into reality. 
Give clear instructions and information to other people and then ensure that the work has been completed satisfactorily. 
Understand the balance between theory and practice. 
Appreciate the importance of initiative, ingenuity and self-reliance. 
Recognise the importance of verbal and written communication in engineering / technology. 
Observe how other engineers’ / technologists’ careers are structured. 
Increase personal / interpersonal skills.

Module Content
46 weeks of approved industry based professional training or 30 weeks if the placement is unpaid.
Methods of Teaching/Learning
The undertaking of professional training placements in which the work programme has been agreed between the employer and the University.
Selected Texts/Journals

Professional Training Handbook - published by the Faculty 
A Guide to your Professional Training Year - published by the PTCC

Last Updated

4th August 2008