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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Mechanical, Medical & Aero Engineering Short Name: ENGM179
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: PARKER GA Prof (M, M & A Eng)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability
Autumn Semester
Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment


Weighting Towards Module Mark( %)


 2- hour unseen Examination




  Individual Presentation




Qualifying Condition(s) 


A weighted aggregate mark of 40% is required to pass the module.




Module Overview

To introduce MEng students to examples of modern electro-mechanical systems in which they may have a professional involvement.

Module Aims
To give an overview of two modern systems: advanced vehicle technology and robotic systems.
Learning Outcomes
  1. To be aware of some of the options for advanced vehicle designs to reduce emissions.
  2. To appreciate the role of embedded microprocessors in controlling complex industrial and mobile robots.
Module Content
1.      Advanced vehicles technology
            Electric drive vehicles. Battery technology.
            Hybrid vehicle configurations
            A hybrid electrical vehicle
            Fuel cell vehicles.
2.       Mechatronics and Robotics
             Concept of Mechatronics
            Mechatronic example – Industrial Robotics
            Mechatronic example – Mobile robots
      3.  INDIVIDUAL PRESENTATIONS of typical electro-mechanical systems by students.
Methods of Teaching/Learning
20 hours of lectures, 6 hours for Group preparation for presentation, 10 hours of small group discussion of advanced topics related to each lecture, and 64 hours of independent study.
Selected Texts/Journals
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  2. Modern Electric Vehicle Technology.  C. C. Chan & K. T. Chau. Oxford University Press. 2001


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Last Updated
28 October 2009