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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Civil, Chemical & Enviromental Eng Short Name: SE1M94
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: MULLORD P Dr (C, C & E Eng)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability

Semester 1

Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment











Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)











2 hour examination






















Coursework – Two assignments






















Qualifying Condition(s) 











An overall mark of 50% is required to pass the module.











Module Overview
Knowledge of structural mechanics to Level HE3
Module Aims

To understand the physics and mathematics of beams, shells and solids.  To understand the theory behind the finite element method and to gain some experience using a commercial finite element program.

Learning Outcomes

On the successful completion of this module, students will be able to:








  • solve simple problems in structural mechanics
  • be able to model more complex problems with finite elements.
Module Content

Introduction to tensors, invariants, principal values, yield criteria







Bending and twisting of symmetric, unsymmetric, solid, open and closed thin wall beams







Plate theory







curvature and twist, bending and twisting moments














compatibility, equilibrium, stiffness, Airy stress function







Finite Elements







stiffness method, shape functions, numerical integration, variational calculus, matrix notation







beam, shell and solid elements







iso-parametric elements, variational crimes, element tests







modelling, non-linear analysis
Use of the program Lusas

Methods of Teaching/Learning

20 hrs lectures/independent study, 8 hrs tutorial/question classes/self assessment questions, 2 hrs practical work, 38 hrs assignment work, 2 hrs examination and 80 hrs independent learning.







Total student learning time 150 hours.

Selected Texts/Journals

Recommended background reading

Ugural AC and Fenster SK, Advanced Strength and Applied Elasticity, Prentice Hall, 1994.  (ISBN 01313 7589X)






Astley RJ,  Finite Elements in Solids and Structures - An Introduction,  Kluwer Academic,1992.  (ISBN 04124 41608)






Hughes TJR, The Finite Element Method, Dover Publications, 2000.  (ISBN 04864 11818)

Required reading


Last Updated

6 August 2010