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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Civil, Chemical & Enviromental Eng Short Name: SE1M55
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: RAFIQ MI Dr (C, C & E Eng)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
Module Availability

Semester 1

Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment







Weighting Towards Module Mark( %)


2 hour examination












Coursework 1 – One prestressed concrete bridge design assignment














Qualifying Condition(s) 







An overall mark of 50% is required to pass the module.







Module Overview
Knowledge of Structural Engineering to Level HE3. Module ENGM030 is recommended but a basic understanding of primary bridge loads and simple analysis methods is essential.
Module Aims
  • To promote an understanding of the principle of prestressed concrete as applied to bridges.


  • To promote an understanding of the section analysis used to determine the serviceability stress resultants and displacements, and the ultimate strength of bridge superstructures.


  • To promote an understanding of the designers duties in relation to the construction.


  • To promote an understanding of available construction methods and responsibilities as applied to the prestressed concrete bridges.
Learning Outcomes
  • Upon successful completion of the module, students should be able to


  • be able to demonstrate sound understanding of the principles and methods of prestressing as applied to bridges.


  • be equipped with necessary processes and tools for the design and analysis of prestresed concrete bridges, and be able to demonstrate their appropriate use for (both simple and continuous) pre- and post- tensioned concrete bridges in accordance with the latest theory and current codes of practice.


  • have working knowledge of current design codes pertinent to prestressed concrete design.


  • be conversant with construction methods for simple and continuous prestressed concrete bridges for both externally and internally prestressed bridges.
Module Content

Prestressed Concrete


Material properties.  Simple design equations.  Kern limits.  Losses.  Cable design.  End block design.  Differential shrinkage.  Continuous beams. Deflection.

Box Girders


Design concept.  Construction methods.  Cost benefits.  Global analysis.  Prestress design.  Distortion effects.  End blocks.  Diaphragms. Reinforcement. Internal and external prestressing.

Practical Content


Site visit if construction site available
Examples of prestressed concrete design to EN 1992

Methods of Teaching/Learning

20 hours lectures, 10 hours tutorial/question classes, 40 assignment work (including 2 hours examination) and 80 hours indepen dent learning/self assessment questions.

 Total stu dent learning time 150 hours.









Total student learning time 150 hours.

Selected Texts/Journals

Essential Reading :

1.      BS EN 1992-2. Euro Code 2; Design of concrete bridges.

2.      BS EN 1992-1-1. Euro Code 2; General Rules and Rules for Buildings.

3.      BS EN 1991-1-1. Euro Code 1; Density, self weight and imposed loads for buildings.

4.      HSC (2007). Managing health and safety in construction, CDM regulations 2007, Approved code of practice.

5.      BS EN 1991-2. Euro Code 1; Traffic Actions

6.      BS EN 1990. Euro Code 0; Basis for Design

Required Reading :

7.      Gulvanessian, H. Calgaro, J.A. and Holicky, M. (2002). Designers’ Guide to EN 1990: Eurocode: Basis of structural design. Thomas Telford Ltd.

8.      Hendy, C.R. and Smith, D.A. (2007). Designers’ Guide to EN1992-2: Eurocode 2: Deisgn of concrete structures part 2, concrete bridges. Thomas Telfords.

9.      BS5400: Part 4 (1990). Code of practice for the design of concrete Bridges. British Standard Institution, .

10.  BD 37 (2001). Loads for Highway Bridges. Design Manual for Roads and Bridges, Highways Agency, London,

All HA standards are available at website

Recommended Reading :

11.  Benaim, R. (2008). The design of Prestressed Concrete Bridges: Concepts and Principles, Taylor & Francis, .

12.  Hewson, N. (2003). Design of prestressed concrete bridges, Thomas Telford, London, .

13.  Ryall, M.J.; Parke G.A.R. and Harding, J.E.H. (2000). Manual of bridge engineering, Thomas Telford, London, .

14.  Threfall, A.J. (1981). An introduction to Prestressed Concrete. British Cement Association, .

15.  Hurst , M.K. (1998). Prestressed Concrete Design, 2nd Edition, E&FN SPON, 0-419-21800-9.

16.  CIRIA Guide 1 (1976). A guide to design of anchor blocks for post-tensioned prestressed concrete members, CIRIA.

Other Suggested Reading :

17.  Federation Internationale de la Precontrainte (1986). Tensioning of Tendons: Force elongation relationship (state of the art report), Thomas Telford Ltd, ISBN: 0727702602

18.  Menn, C. (1990). Prestressed concrete bridges, Birkhauser Verlag.

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22.  Nicholson, B.A. (1997) Simple bridge design using prestressed beams, Prestressed concrete association, 0-95999347-2X.

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24.  Nilson, A.H. (1990) Design of prestressed concrete, Unwin Hymen, London .

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29.  Schlaich, J. and Scheef, H. (1975). Concrete box girder bridges, International Association for Bridge and Structural Engineering, Zurich .

Some useful links

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