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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: ENG3138 Module Title: HYDROLOGY & WATER SUPPLY
Module Provider: Civil, Chemical & Enviromental Eng Short Name: ENG3138
Level: HE3 Module Co-ordinator: CLARKE BA Mr (C, C & E Eng)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability
Assessment Pattern


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  1. water treatment and supply


  2. hydrology







Qualifying Condition(s)


An overall mark of 50% is required to pass the module.



Module Overview


Completion of the progress requirements of Level HE2 and Modules ENG1049 & ENG2018

Module Aims

To introduce students to issue of water quality, sanitation and health

To make students aware of the importance of raw water sources and surveillance techniques

To introduce students to water treatment processes for potable supplies, including related physical, chemical and microbiological aspects

To make students aware of reservoir storage and management techniques

To introduce students to the assessment of demand, supply network design and service reservoirs

To provide students with the basic analytical tools for assessing the hydrological cycle from rainfall to runoff, river flow, and sediment transport

Learning Outcomes

By the end of the module, it is intended that students will be able to:

 ·       understand the principal issues of environmental health in relation to water supplies

 ·       understand the broad aspects of raw water sources and quality

 ·       understand the broad principles of water treatment

 ·       understand the broad principles of demand assessment and supply network design

 ·       assess the rainfall runoff characteristics for different terrain using standard meteorological data and methodologies

  •  analyse steady and unsteady flows in river channels including sediment transport

Module Content

Water borne and water related disease 
Sanitation and environmental health 

Raw water sources; surface water and groundwater  

Water treatment; slow sand filters, sedimentation, physico-chemical water treatment, disinfection, softening  

Storage reservoir science, management and numerical modelling  

Assessment of demand and the design of water supply networks  

Hydrological cycle: rainfall, infiltration, evapotranspiration, runoff, river flow  

Unit hydrograph, flood routing for rivers and reservoirs, flood studies reports and records  

Numerical simulation of open channel flow – St Venant equation  

Explicit and implicit numerical schemes, Preissman schemes, steady and unsteady flow 
Sediment transport in rivers and estuaries (theory and application case studies)

Methods of Teaching/Learning

24 hours of lectures, 12 hours of tutorial classes, and 64 hours independent learning. 

Total student learning time 100 hours. 



Total student learning time 100 hours.

Selected Texts/Journals

Cairncross S and Feachem R, Environmental Health Engineering in the Tropics, Wiley, 1993.  (ISBN 04719 38858)

Tebbutt THY, Principles of Water Quality Control, Butterworth-Heinemann, 1998.  (ISBN 07506 36580)

Shaw EM, Hydrology in Practice, 3rd ed, Chapman & Hall, 1994.  (ISBN 04124 82908)

Chadwick A and Marfett J, Hydraulics in Civil and Environmental Engineering, 3rd ed, Spon, 1998.  (ISBN 04192 25803)

Students are advised of other individual texts during the module.

Last Updated
14 October 2009