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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: ENG2032 Module Title: MECHANICS OF SOLIDS 2B
Module Provider: Mechanical, Medical & Aero Engineering Short Name: SE3229
Level: HE2 Module Co-ordinator: CIROVIC S Dr (M, M & A Eng)
Number of credits: 10 Number of ECTS credits: 5
Module Availability
Spring semester
Assessment Pattern

Unit(s) of Assessment



Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)



Examination (2 hour paper)






Continual assessment (tutorial assignments and mid-semester test)






Qualifying Condition(s) 



An overall mark of 40% is required to pass the module.



Module Overview

This module consists of two parts: Stress Analysis and Dynamics.

Completion of the progress requirements of Level HE1 Module ENG1008 Statics & Dynamics and Level HE2 Module ENG2026 Mechanics of solids 2A.
Module Aims

 To develop an understanding of:



·           The strain energy methods and their applications in structural analysis.

·           Failure of structures through plastic deformation and buckling.

·           The motion of linkages and mechanisms with and without reference to forces and masses.

·           Balancing of rotating masses and reciprocating engines.

  • Analytical solution of vibrating structures with two degrees of freedom.



Learning Outcomes


Upon successful completion of the module, you will  be able to:


·         Apply strain energy methods to calculate displacements in beams and trusses and solve statically indeterminate problems.


·         Calculate critical elastic buckling loads for columns.


·         Calculate limit loads for beams.


·         Analyse kinematics and kinetics of linkages and mechanisms.


·         Analyse forces and moments in machine elements.


·         Calculate natural frequencies and normal modes of two degrees of freedom vibrating systems.


Module Content

Strain energy methods in linear elastic systems


·         The concept of strain energy: axial loading, torsion, bending.


·         The method of real work, the method of virtual work: deflections of beams and trusses.


·         Castigliano’s theorems: statically indeterminate structures.



Buckling of slender columns


·         Euler buckling, slenderness ratio.



Plastic deformation


·         Stress-strain relation for elastic ideal-plastic material. Plastic bending of beams, shape factor, limit load.



Kinematics of Rigid Bodies


·       Kinematics of Linkages and Mechanisms


·       Slider-crank Mechanism


·       Four-bar linkage Mechanism


Kinetics of Rigid Bodies


·       Force and acceleration - Linkages and Mechanisms


·       Method of Work and Energy


Balancing of machines


·       Balancing of rotating masses


·       Static and dynamic balance


Systems with two degrees of freedom


·       Equation of motion


·       Un-damped free vibration


·       Torsional two degrees of freedom system


Methods of Teaching/Learning

26 hrs lectures, 14 hrs tutorials, and 60 hrs independent learning.

Total student learning time 100 hours.

Selected Texts/Journals

Essential Reading


·       Magd Abdel Wahab, Dynamics and Vibration: An introduction, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, Revised 1st Edition, 2008 (ISBN: 978-0-470-72300-5)



Required Reading


·       J. L. Meriam, L. G. Kraige, Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 6th Edition, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, 2007 (ISBN: 978-0-471-73931-9)


·       Russell C. Hibbeler, Engineering Mechanics: Dynamics, 12th Edition, Prentice Hall, 2009 (ISBN: 978-0-13-607791-6)



Recommended Reading


·         R. L. Norton, Design of Machinery: An Introduction to the Synthesis and Analysis of Mechanisms and Machines, 3rd Edition, McGraw Hill, 2004, (ISBN: 978-0072864472)


·         Chajes A, Structural Analysis, 2nd Edition, Prentice Hall, 1990 (ISBN: 0-13-855073-5).


Last Updated

1 October 2010