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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: EEEM020 Module Title: MICROWAVE ENGINEERING
Module Provider: Electronic Engineering Short Name: EEM.MWE
Level: M Module Co-ordinator: GAO S Dr (Elec Eng)
Number of credits: 15 Number of ECTS credits: 7.5
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Assessment Pattern

Components of Assessment
Percentage Weighting
Closed-book Examination

Module Overview
For advanced systems running in frequencies above 2GHz, there is a growing need for microwave devices that will be demonstrated in this module with respect to real live applications including microwave ovens and radar systems. The module will cover small printed devices, microwave transmission waveguides and high power microwave transmission devices.


Module Aims

• To understand the theory and design of small printed microwave components.
• To understand the theory, principles and applications of waveguides.
• To be aware of as well as undertake some basic design steps in high power microwave devices.

Learning Outcomes
Module Content

Transmission Line Theory and Coaxial Lines
• Revision of S-parameters

Passive Microwave Circuits Theory and Designs
• Wilkinson power divider
• Hybrid couplers
• Rat race coupler
• Phase shifters
• Circulators and Isolators
• Directional couplers

Active Microwave Devices and Circuits
• Microwave devices FET and BJTs
• Low-noise amplifiers theory and designs
• Broadband microwave amplifiers theory and designs
• Distributed amplifiers theory and design
• RF Power amplifiers theory and designs

Dielectrics and Conductors
• Propagation in materials
• Group velocity, phase velocity and skin depth
• Boundary conditions

• Evanescent modes, waveguide structure
• Circular and rectangular waveguides
• Waveguide modes
• Waveguide devices
• Waveguide applications

Horn Anetnnas
• Design of horn antennas with waveguides
• Corrugated horns
• Aperture efficiency

Examples of Microwave Technologies
• MMICs and LTCCs
• 60GHz propagation

Methods of Teaching/Learning

Lectures and laboratory demonstrations

Selected Texts/Journals

Pozar, D.M. Microwave Engineering, 3rd Edition, 2004, Wiley UK, ISBN 978-0-471-44878-5

Scott, A.W. Understanding Microwaves, 2005, Wiley UK

Last Updated

3rd August 2010