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2010/1 Module Catalogue
 Module Code: ECO1006 Module Title: STATISTICS FOR ECONOMICS
Module Provider: Economics Short Name: EC108
Level: HE1 Module Co-ordinator: WALL JR Mr (Economics)
Number of credits: 20 Number of ECTS credits: 10
Module Availability

All Year

Assessment Pattern
Unit(s) of Assessment
Weighting Towards Module Mark (%)
2.5 Hour Examination 70
Coursework 30

Qualifying Condition(s)
A weighted aggregated mark of 40% is required to pass the module.
Module Overview

This module initially covers descriptive statistics and exploratory data analysis and then concentrates on probability and statistical inference thus enabling students to undertake empirical work. The emphasis is on applications rather than mathematical rigour.



Module Aims
  • To develop good data handling skills
  • To understand the role statistical inference plays in economic analysis
Learning Outcomes
  • By the end of the module students will:-
  • be proficient in data presentation through computational methods
  • Have a good understanding of probability concepts including both discrete and continuous probability distributions;
  • Be able to construct and interpret confidence intervals;
  • Be able to formulate and conduct hypothesis tests for a wide range of applications
  • Module Content

    The following is an indication of the likely topics to be covered:-

    • Descriptive statistics - graphical presentation and summary measures of central tendency, dispersion and skew.
    • Probability - mutually exclusive, independent and dependent events: Binomial, Poisson, Normal , t and Chi-squared distributions.
    • Statistical inference - random samples; sampling distributions; confidence intervals and hypothesis testing.
    • Covariance and correlation
    Methods of Teaching/Learning

    Lectures (24 hrs) and classes (12 hrs)

    Selected Texts/Journals
    Lind, Marchal & Wathen. Basic Statistics for Business & Economics, 7th ed. McGraw Hill 2010
    Anderson, Sweeney, Williams, Freeman & Shoesmith. Statistics for Business and Economics, Thompson. 2007
    Crawshaw & Chambers, Concise Course in Advanced Level Statistics, 4th ed. Nelson Thomas, 2001
    Last Updated

    27 September 2010