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2010/1 Module Catalogue
Module Provider: Computing Short Name: CSP03
Level: P Module Co-ordinator: GILLAM L Dr (Computing)
Number of credits: 35 Number of ECTS credits: 17.5
Module Availability
Two full semesters 46 working weeks
Assessment Pattern


Assessment Pattern


Unit(s) of Assessment


Weighting Towards Module Mark( %)


Professional Training Year Cycle 2  Evaluation




Qualifying Condition(s) 


A mark of 40% is required to pass this module. 



This module is core. Compensation credits cannot be offered.


Module Overview

Module Overview


This module defines the second supervisor assessment of a Professional Training Year


Module Aims

Module Aims


During each cycle of the Professional Training Year, the student will aim to:


·          develop the technical and interpersonal skills needed for the placement.


·          adapt to the practices of the working environment.


·          observe the practical application of knowledge gained at University.


·          observe and learn about processes and methods which do not form part of their University programme.


Learning Outcomes

Learning Outcomes


A successful student will receive satisfactory ratings in the following areas:


·          Responsibilities and Achievements during the cycle


·          Progress towards completion of the BCS ISM tasks


·          Completion of all planned training


·          Development and demonstration of technical knowledge and skills


·          Demonstration of initiative and self reliance


·          Show a professional approach towards conduct & co-operation


·          Demonstrate effective task co-ordination and management


·          Demonstrate powers of clear expression & communication


Module Content

Module Content


The assessment is made by both the visiting tutor and the placement supervisor on the basis of the student’s work and performance during the first six months of the Professional Training year.


Methods of Teaching/Learning

Methods of Teaching/Learning


The module assesses achievements during the second half of a year of work in an industrial or commercial computing role.


Selected Texts/Journals
Professional Training Handbook, Department of Computing.
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